priv.edb getting too big too fast

priv.edb getting too big too fast

Post by Marty Peterso » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00


My priv.edb file has gone from 6 GB to 15 GB in just a week.  What are
that I can look for to find out why?  I looked at the mailbox resources and
see that my largest mailbox is just over 100MB, and after totalling up the
mailboxes, I only get about 5 GB.

I have done an offline defrag (takes forever because I have to temp it over
the network because I don't have enough free space on the drive), but it
didn't reduce it more than a few hundred MB.  What else gets stored in here
anyway.  I reduced my deleted items retention time from 30 days to 10 days a
few days before I did the defrag, but it still didn't shrink it at all.  I
know that it can only get to 16GB (w/out Enterprise version), so I am quite

    The only other thing that I can see that is strange, is that the IMS
mailbox has about 600 MB when looking at the properties for the IS.  How do
I get into this mysterious mailbox?  (This is when I look at the properties
of the Private Information Store's Mailbox Resources tab, it
isn't listed under the mailbox resources "subfolder")
    Is there any place else that could be racking up space in the priv.edb?
Any help would be appreciated.




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I am having a hard time of managing the Priv.edb file. I know it contains
all the  users mail. However, it is getting bigger and bigger which may use
up all the space. So, I am thinking is there any harmless way of  reducing
the size of  the file.

All my clients are using MS Outlook to read their message. I am wondering if
my concept about the
storage on the exchange server is right, please correct me if I am wrong.

If a user delete their mail on the Outlook, is it directly delete mail on
their mailbox on the Exchange
Server, however, the Exchange have a function "Delete Item Retention time"
which will permanent delete the
"Deleted mail from the user"???

Also, if the user want to have a copy of their mail, they have to use
"Import/Export" function under the
File menu to get a snap shot of their email. Is that right?

If I stop the exchange service and rename the old Priv.edb file. Then when I
restart the service, a new
Priv.edb will automatically be generated. So, I still have a copy of all the
old email and have a new
Priv.edb which I will also put storage and Send/Receive limits on it for
avoiding the same
problem occur. Is it possible for me to do this way???

If I set a limit on Send/Receive and Storage on each mailbox, so when users
reach their limit, they simply delete old mail will give let them
send/receive mail again???

I am working in a software house, my clients need to attach program and send
it to their client. So, the
size of the Priv.edb is growing fast.

thank you for any advices!!


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