Extracting mail out of exchane and feeding into Oracle database

Extracting mail out of exchane and feeding into Oracle database

Post by Nick Berr » Wed, 19 Jun 2002 18:33:58


Can someone please help urgently.
We need to write a service which will poll the exchange
server, looking out for a specific 'to' and 'from'. This
along with the message then needs to be inserted into
oracle database tables.

Does anyone have code that will achieve this ?

Thanks very much for your help......


1. extracting e-mail from exchange databases

I have a corrupted copy of a PRIV.EDB from a backup of our exchange server
that I would like to somehow extract an e-mail message from.  I tried
running strings on it to extract basic text from the database, but most of
what I get is headers, and very few actual messages.  It is also very
cumbersome to sift through any messages I do find simply because they
usually aren't attached to any useful header, but are merely floating around
in free space.  Is there any plausible way to do what I'm doing?  Some kind
of parsing tool I could use?  I seriously miss the days of unix mail files.


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