Exchange 2003 will include Outlook 2003?

Exchange 2003 will include Outlook 2003?

Post by Vo » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 03:53:39

In the past, having the Exchange CAL (and Windows CAL) would include the
license to run Outlook 2002 (see

Is this going to continue with Exchange 2003?  I seem to remember reading
there will be 2 media available, one that includes juse Exchange 2003 since
Outlook 2003 is coming out later in the year, then one in the future
available with both.  Can anyone confirm this?




1. Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 problems...with Exchange 2003


I have the same problem in both applications (outlook XP/2003 beta).
I have two E-mail accounts.

1. is an exchange account (current set as default)
2. a private email account

when I send internal mails (in the office) outlook use the exchange I set (that is OK!).

;) )
Outlook use also the exchange server to send the email and I get an error

The only possibility to send external mails is for me to set the email
account by hand for every
outgoing mail.

The proble doesn't exist with outlook 2000.
Outlook 2000 automatically use the second email account when it see that the
mail must
be send to an extrenal account.

How can I set Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 beta to do the same as Outlook 2000?



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