Unwanted wrapping of text messages

Unwanted wrapping of text messages

Post by James A. Lund » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Exchange has an annoying tendency of line wrapping mail
without telling the user.  This behaviour seems unpredictable
but has caused me some trouble in the past.  Is there anything
I can do to prevent Exchange from wrapping outward and
inward coming text mail?




1. Plain Text messages always get wrapped after 72 characters

Is there a way to configure plain text messages to wrap after 72 characters?
Every plain text message that is received by the accounts always wrap at the
72nd character (regardless of font) when we go to print the message. Viewing
is fine, and rich text/html is fine. But with plain text, someone is telling
the width to be 72 characters when printing.

TIA, Bruce

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