I need free Service SMS Gateway over Exchange 2000

I need free Service SMS Gateway over Exchange 2000

Post by Baris Eri » Tue, 30 Oct 2001 03:18:14

Most Telco carriers provide SMTP gateway to SMS and is free. For example

Mobile and look for it.

If you're looking for real SMS gateway, MTNSms (not MSN) (I'm sure you know
it) would be an alternative.


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Quote:> Hi Gents,

> I need an expert to tell me how to install free SMS gateway on Exchange
> to send e-mail notifications for users about receiving new mail.

> Is it possible to use ICQ, and How !!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Waiting for your replies please

> Thanks


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Does anyone have any recommendations on installing a SMS gateway onto
Exchange 2000? We are looking at installing a Premicell (basically a mobile
phone that our telephone system can use to dial out) and wish to attach it
to our exchange server to send SMS messages (via a serial cable).

I don't anticipate a high volume of messages, and very few (if any) incoming
messages. As always, price is a consideration, but as we are not looking for
a vast range of features this should be an issue.

Any advice would be welcome.



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