Help About Exchange server

Help About Exchange server

Post by John Smit » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Does anybody knows if echange server allows only
the users who has a mailbox to relay emails ?

I mean, if i don't have a mailbox on the Exchange server,
can i use it's SMTP service to send email ?

Does Exchange server allows people to send email
without require username and password ?

Please let me know something, thank you



1. need help with Exchange Server 5.5 please!!!

I am running MS Exchange Server 5.5, SP 2 on a Win NT server 4.0, SP 6a.
On my Intranet I don't have any problem, I don't have problems either when I
send external e-mails, its only when a client sends e-mails to us.
I would say on half of the time the external e-mails arrive prompt to the
Exchange server and are distributed to my recipients but on the other half
the Exchange server receives the external e-mails with a delay from couple
of minutes to over 10 hours.
I tried running Exchange optimization but didn't help out.

Any advice is appreciated.

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