Exchange Client - Date/Time stamps

Exchange Client - Date/Time stamps

Post by John Jakovcevi » Wed, 13 May 1998 04:00:00

Please help!

If I were to send an email today.

It would appear at the recipient tomorrow or see it believes.

In another words, today 12.5.98, it will appear on their screen as
13.5.98 and different time.
My 'sent items' folder also represents 13.5.98.

I have checked time zones and dates on all PC's including mail server,
all is ok.

Please help.


1. Date Time stamp in Exchange Clients

I have this weird problem, I have exchange 4 with no SPs and NT4 with SP1
and the client gets some wierd date time stamp when sending and receiving
mail, some say 2097 and some 1960 etc.  I have checked the servers and
client times, and they are All OK, has anyone any ideas.


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