Error 1067

Error 1067

Post by SL. » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 04:43:55

When attempting to start the Internet Mail Service on
Exchange 5.5 SP4 we receive an error 1067.  I think it
relates to Knowledge Base article KB301690.

If you have any suggestions on how to remedy the problem
please let me know.


1. Error 1067 Starting Exchange Information Service

I am running a Small Business Server 2000 SP2, it has
been installed and running happily for 30 + days.  Now I
cannot start the Exchange Information Store Service.  I
receive the Error 1067:  The process Terminated
unexpectedly.  Nothing strange appears in the System or
App logs.  I do receive an error explaing the service did
not start it has been attempted X times. I have removed
and reinstalled it and receive the same error.  NOTE: I
did not remove the server from Active Directory.  But I
am still receiving the same error. Any help would be



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