Public Folder "Unable to Display the Folder" Event 1025 Error

Public Folder "Unable to Display the Folder" Event 1025 Error

Post by srw » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hello everyone

We have Exchange Server 5.5 SP2 installed which has a number of Public
Journal Folders.  Just recently, some clients are receiving an "Unable to
Display the Folder" error.  Other clients can view the folder without any
problem.  This problem is not related to the folder's permissions.  Some
Outlook 98 clients can view the folder whereas others can't and the same
goes for Outlook 97.  The Server's NT event log contains references to:
Event ID 1025, IS Public, EcUnlinkMessage, Error 0xfffffc07

All suggestions will be gratefully received.  I plan to upgrade to SP3 at
some stage soon - anyone had problems with that build of Exchange?

Thanks a lot

Simon W


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Hi All,
I've recently installed additional Exchange2k server (same Org.,same
Routing Group), I'll call it "ServerA" and the old one will be "ServerB".
I moved all the mailboxes, public folders (by Sync.),OAB, Free/Busy to
ServerA. At this stage I didn't experience any problems (well a minor
problem with message delivery). After that I reinstalled ServerB
(OS&Exchange2k). Moved back the mentioned information (I removed it from
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I'm getting this message when I try to open PF "Unable to expand the
folder. The set of folders could not be opened"
Please Help.

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