Exchange 4.0 Mailbox

Exchange 4.0 Mailbox

Post by Paul Middleto » Fri, 15 Dec 2000 04:32:56

can anyone tell me how I can disable a single mailbox in Exchange 4.0

1. Exchange 4.0/ mailbox name limits

I have a problem using Exchange 4.0 in Windows XP. I am trying to add a
mailbox that is already created to a new machine. The problem is: the
account name is 12 characters long, the mailbox name will only let me type 8
characters. I was able to browse and select the first mailbox I needed, why
can I not browse to find the second and third mailboxes I need to put on
this machine? It would be very helpful because as of now I have people that
use XP machines unable to share calenders with the rest of the company.

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