Public Fiolder server will not Replicate New Folders to other sites

Public Fiolder server will not Replicate New Folders to other sites

Post by Wes Sak » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:56:01

Have an Exchange server NT 4.0 SP6a and Exchange 5.5 SP4.
The server crashed and was rebuilt and all the folder were
rehomed to this server. Any new folders created to this
server will not replicate to other sites but it is
available intrasite. There are some errors logged in the
event log with the following IDs: 3079, 3082, 3044.3091.
But I cannot find anythig on these error codes on Technet
or MS site. Help !!!!!!!!!!!

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I've added a new server that I'm planning to move to before decomissioning
Exchange on the old one.

I've installed the new box, have replicated a test folder to it.  No

If I remove the replica from the 1st server, I can see the folder but cannot
access it's contents.

If I move a mailbox to the new server the user can login and is redirected
to the new sever for their mailbox.  This user can see the test folder but
cannot open it's contents.

If I re-add the old server in the Replicas tab, both users can see the

What am I doing wrong?  I need to be careful here as I have 50,000+ items in
Public Folders that I really do not want to lose!



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