Anonymous Posting Service for Exchange 5.5

Anonymous Posting Service for Exchange 5.5

Post by Martin Giesse » Sat, 14 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

According to Q152855 you need to install some files from the Microsoft
Exchange Server CD to be able to setup the anonymous posting service
(Exchange Server 4.0 and 5.0).  These files are not available for Exchange
Server 5.5.

How can I setup the anonymous posting service for Exchange Server 5.5? Can
anyone tell me where I can find these files for Exchange 5.5.

Any help will be appriciated!


1. Anonymous Postings Service under 5.5

Does anyone else use the anonymous posting sample application from the
Exchange 5.0 CD on an Exchange 5.5 server?  I believe the application worked
under 5.5 originally but lately I have noticed that it no longer removes the
from information when mailing to a public folder.  I am running:

NT 4.0 SP 6a
Exchange 5.5 SP 3


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