Inter-org replication utility - HELP!

Inter-org replication utility - HELP!

Post by Scott Zip » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

After downloading and installing Exchange Server SP2 on a test server, I can
not find the utility or any documentation on the service pack itself. Did I
possibly download the wrong version? Is there a trick to this?

Also, does anyone know if this utility lets you replicate directories from
different Exchange Orgs.


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Hi Folks,

Currently, I am working on Synchronizing Two Exchnage Organization and did
had great success. InterOrg Synch and InterOrg Replication utitlities worked
fine for my job.

The problem is InterOrg Replication utilty for Public Folder requires
ExchangeSync.... Folder on the root of both the publisher and Subscriber
Organization. The Other Organization has objection to this folder and I had
to remove it.

My question is is there any other method I can use to get my work done.
There a 4 to five folders on the root with more than 200 subfolders beneath
it. I need to get this replicated atleast once in a week.

I can use email replicating .. but since each subfolfder needs a separate
email address and Folder rule that will be tough job.

I have coupel of ideas but could not ... Can I use Exmerge to do the same..
I know it does not shows up the Public Folders. Any other way to make
Exmerge talk to PF.

Can I make a batch file to and use a MAPI profile to synch the PF to local
PSt file on the publichser Server and then on Subscriber Server.

Any Any ideas ... I am stuck with other issues too, so could not give more
time to research on this one. May be any one of you guys might have gone
thru this.

Any ideas welcome...
Thanks in advance.

Ibrahim Kazi

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