Recipient Update Service NOT!

Recipient Update Service NOT!

Post by Jon » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:35:20

My exchange 2k system has stopped creatting email addresses when I create
new users.  RUS looks fine.  I deleted it and recreated it to no avail.
there are no error messages in the log.  It simply doesn't generate email
addresses.  A mailbox is created when I create the user though.  Even If I
manually regenerate it doesn't work.  If  create the emaill addresses
manully from the user properties all is OK.

1. Recipient Update Service NOT populating LDAP showInAddressBook

Sometimes when we create new users and check the create mailbox option from
the MMC snap-in, the Mailbox is never created. Also, the showInAddressBook
LDAP field isn't populated either. But this is not for EVERY user, just
happens sometimes. No errors in the event log or anything. Is there anything
I can check or look at to see what might be causing this? If I goto my RUS
Service and "Update Now" I still do not get any result, same for "Rebuild".
If I goto my Recipient  Policies and right click my default policy and
"Apply this policy now", I still do not get any results.  Any ideas guys?

Thanks in Advance,

Mike Smith

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