Help! ID no: 80090308 (?)

Help! ID no: 80090308 (?)

Post by Ted » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 05:05:44

I'm trying to access a public folder via the Exchange
system manager so I can assosicate an email address to
it.  When I drill down in the system manager and try to
expand the public folder (Folders, Public Folders) I get
the following error message:

The token supplied to the function is invalid
ID no: 80090308

I can't find anything about this anywhere.  Anyone know
what the deal is here?


1. ESM message ID no:80090308

I get the message:
"The token supplied to the function is invalid"
ID no: 80090308
Exchange system manager.

This occurs when I try to access the public folders
container in the ESM. I can access the public folders thru
Outlook,and have no other problems with them,

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