Help: Ordering Outlook contacts list

Help: Ordering Outlook contacts list

Post by Julian Brigh » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Can someone help me out by suggestion a way in which I can order my contacts
from Outlook address book by surname when looking up names for an e-mail
I am particularly thinking of the case where you go:

 Compose|New Message, and then click the To... button to display contacts

Please direct any suggestions to my e-mail

Thanks in advance

Julian Bright
BrightSpark Technologies



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I have a very silly issue to solve:

We set up a public folder to hold all external email addresses.
If this folder is viewed with outlook, all is fine; the display order is
LastName, FirstName Company.

But if I write a new email and I put a destination address with the window
"Select Names", is this window displaying the recipients always in the order
FirstName, LastName. Company is missing. How can you customize this window
permantly and maybe ADS wide to list the recipients like LastName, FirstName


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