multiple database functoids

multiple database functoids

Post by Abe Scot » Thu, 13 Jun 2002 02:04:06

How does BT handle the scope of database functoid
functions?  Can multiple Database Lookup functoids be
used, and if so can value extractors feed other lookups?  
Bascially can you nest lookups and extractors to
accomplish database joins and the retrieval of multiple



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I'm wanting to have multiple IS dabases in 2 storage groups on my Exchange
2000 Server. So total of 9 private ISs and 1 public IS in one server.  I'm
sure it will work but my major concern is what kinds of issues will I
encouter if i setup my exchange server like this.
I have Dell PE 4400, 1GB Dual processor, 2 GB Memory, and 120GB RAID 5.
Currently I have 1 big 40GB priv1.edb and want to spread those mailboxes
cross 9 databases.

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