How To Talk SMTP and POP3

How To Talk SMTP and POP3

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SMTP is documented primarily in RFC 821 and 822.  POP3 is documented in RFC
1939.  You can find the RFCs at,
among many other places.

Since POP3 and SMTP are completely different protocols that serve
completely different purposes, I don't see what sort of meaningful
"translation" you could perform between them.

Quote:> Can anybody please tell me where to get (or even how to do) information
> on talking SMTP and POP3
> I want to try and write a gateway to translate one t'other but I need
> the local dialect first (if you get my meaning!

> Thanks!


1. How does client talk to SMTP Server??

The client talks to the POP3 server on port 110. The client talks to
the SMTP server on port 25. TCP/IP is used in both cases. The commands
and responses are in plain text. The "upper layer" protocol is defined
by the appropriate RFC's which are, I believe, RFC1725, RFC1734 and
RFC 1939 (for POP3). The SMTP/ESMTP RFCs are RFC821, RFC822, RFC 1894,
RFC1985, RFC1870, RFC1869, and probably many others I've missed. I've
left out MIME, alternate characters ets, etc.

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