Recipient receives multiple copies of email

Recipient receives multiple copies of email

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When a Exchange 5.5 SP4 user sends an email from Outlook
to an external recipient they receive it 4 or 5 times.

Any thoughts




1. Recipients receive multiple copies of same message

I'm getting an intermittent problem of recipients getting multiple copies of
the same message. The recipients are on different domains, and these
messages are being sent directly to the recipient. (not a DL issue).  My
configuration consists of Exchange Svr 5.0 Sp.2 connecting through a Unix
firewall to the internet  Our unix guy has told me that the Unix box
forwards to an relay host situated on our ISP when it can't connect to the
recipient's mail host. I'm new to Exchange but here's my plan to determine
whether the culprit is <Exchange> or <Unix firewall>, or the <relay host>.
1. Enable message tracking on MTA, IS, and IMC.
2. Set diagnostic logging to maximum for SMTP.

These two ought to show both the internal and external path of any given
message. A few questions. Should I enable any other diagnostic logging? If I
only find one instance of a message in SMTP logging, is it reasonable to
assume that the multiple copies are coming from another source (say the
relay host)? Are there any shareware or other parsing utilities out there to
quickly go through these log files? Any and all suggestions would be

-Jim Picerno

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