Mail Attachment Corruption

Mail Attachment Corruption

Post by Mar » Sun, 28 Jun 1998 04:00:00

A client of mine is using Exchange to send me attachments
that she swears begin life as Word 97 documents. By the time
I get them they look like this:

x?>"          ? €  IPM.Microsoft Mail.Note1  ..etc...

The first two bytes are hex 78 9F, not the D0 CF expected
from Word files. Nothing I own can make any sense of them.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

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1. HELP! E-mail attachment corruption

Good morning, everyone:

I working on multiple exchange servers all running Exchange 5.5 SP3 and
hosting our own mail via SMTP.

The problem I have is that when sending out e-mails with word/excel
attachments, the intended receiver gets the attach. encrypted or in some
cases the email arrives without any files attached to it.  This happened
after the love bug hit us.  Of course the server has already been
disinfected and scanned.  Everything else is working properly except when
sending out e-mail attachments.

Any ideas ??????


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