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Performance Performance Performance

Post by Doc Pisapat » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

How Do I improve the performance of Exchange?. I was demo'ng to one of our
customers with one W95 client and one Exchange server. It look 5 minutes to
get the message screen  over LAN. What is the problem?. Is there way to fix

Any help is appreciated.



1. Items collection .SetColumns method fails to improve performance

Anybody have experience using this method to cache properties?  I have a
contact folder with 10,000 items and I want to download email1, 2 and 3
addresses from all of them.  It takes precisely the same amount of time (12
seconds) whether I fist call:

MAPIFolder.Items.SetColumns Email1Address,Email2Address,Email3Address"

as it does when I don't.  Also, conflicting to the documentation, I can
still access any property of each item after I make this call.  This makes
me very suspicious that the call has done diddly squat.

I'd really like to get some performance gains here somehow.  Outlook 2000
can list all contact email addresses in the folder in the blink of an eye.

I am using VB6 and an Outlook 2000 test COM add-in to test this.

rarely check this newsgroup.  (Do take out the NOSPAM part of the address
before emailing me, thanks - it's just typed there to confound evil
newsgroup bots)



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