Post by Alex » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 21:53:03

I have used the the MS KB artical Q258206 to add an
outbound Confidentiality Notice. I do not get any message
on the the outbound message. could use any help anyone has
for me. Thanks Alex

1. OutboundAppend/Disclaimer questions...

I found plenty of information on this topic on the Web, in Technet, and in
these newsgroups and was able to successfully implement it on our 3 Exchange
5.5 SP4 servers this weekend.  However, I am wondering if someone is
experienced with this process and perhaps even the RTF formatting of the

Issue:  While the powers that be at our company would like for the
Disclaimer message to appear in a smaller font size (8 point Arial) I am
finding that no matter what type of formatting I use, it is lost during the
outbound mail process.  I am wondering if perhaps our exchange servers are
not sending the messages out in the right format (to preserve RTF items like
font size, bold, italics, etc.). Can some one steer me in the right

So far all of the different types of formatting I have tried to implement
seem to get ignored and appear as Times Roman 10 point text.  Or perhaps my
testing is flawed:  I am sending test e-mails to my private e-mail account
on my ISP and retrieving them via Outlook Express.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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