Exmerge - Where can I get it?

Exmerge - Where can I get it?

Post by Jason Auklan » Wed, 20 Dec 2000 08:13:53

I have an old version from the BackOffice 4.5 resource kit CD from September
of '99, but I would like to get the newest version(3.71).  Can I download it
from somewhere, or does anyone have it that can e-mail it to me (along with
the exmerge.ini and the Mfc42.dll)?



Exmerge - Where can I get it?

Post by Jason Auklan » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 07:03:25

If anyone is interested, I finally found it hidden within a download package
written to delete all instances of the Melissa virus.  It can be found in
this KB article:
Q224493 - XADM: Using ISSCAN to Remove Messages or Attachments Affected by a


1. Using Exmerge to migrate 5.5 to 2k getting error

Hopefully someone has an answer for this one. Have a
SBS4.5 customer that is moving to SBS2000. Ran Exmerge on
the 4.5 system and took the folder exmergedata over to the
new machine and have tried several times to run exmerge to
import the .pst files into exchange 2000.

Here is the message I get:

Error getting list of private information store databases
on server 'SERVERNAME'.

Thats it. Nothing else. Will have to check the event logs
and see if anything there. Did this about 4am this am so
forgot to check that.


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