Meeting request to user that has granted Send on Behalf gets Out of Office-message

Meeting request to user that has granted Send on Behalf gets Out of Office-message

Post by Cato Antonse » Tue, 28 May 2002 19:54:12


Suddenly there are several mailboxes (from now on refered to as user A) that
has granted Send on Behalf to one spesific user (User B).

This is by it self strange, but there is more!

When someone sends a meeting requests to user A, they receive user B's out
of office message! User B is *not* included in the meeting request in any

So my questions whould be:

1. Have anyone noticed that Exchange grants a user Send on Behalf
permissions just out of the blue?

2. What is the connection between Granted Send on Behalf-permission and Out
of Office message?

Cato Antonsen


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I have a user that keeps getting the meeting requests for
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his regular mail. What would cause her to receive his
meeting requests but not his mail?

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not even have permission to his account. From Outlook she
does not have access to his calendar or messages.

Has anyone seen this or know where I can go to find the

Thank you!
Kent Meyer

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