Telnet Exchange server problems

Telnet Exchange server problems

Post by Shawn Foglema » Thu, 10 Jan 2002 05:49:14

I take it your doing this from the same machine.

Security allows it to accept from "localhost" a
connection.  Check your configuration and modify it, if
your wish it to not accept the connection; although, this
might*something up (don't know what).

If your machine is physically secure (door locked and only
you have the key) then it doesn't matter that "they" can
telnet from the local machine to the localhost does it.  
Unless you're not locking your machine when you walk
away... (bg)

Yours:  Shawn

Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Anyone know why am able to telnet port 25 on my SBS
>Exchange server using "telnet 25" however if I
>use "telnet 25" (SBS server IP address) I get
>a "connection to host lost" message immediately.
>Tony Black (MCP)