Toolbar location

Toolbar location

Post by Miriam224 » Thu, 31 Oct 2002 00:29:35

Somehow my toolbars moved over to the side of the screen.  
I was unable to move them back to the bottom, but did
succeed in moving them to the top.  However, I still want
them at the bottom.  Nothing I've tried works; I get the 4-
arrow icon but the bars don't move.

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I am experiencing problems with the icons for various Exchange/Messaging
applications becoming mixed up or "blank" (but still functional) in the
tool bar. This happens in both Win 95 Exchange and Win Messaging and
seems to be random. Reinstalling either Exchange/Messaging and add-ins or
rebuilding the entire system will produce different icon/link
combinations. For example presently my "WordMail" icon links to
"PGPkeys". This problem does not seem to affect the standard
Exchange/Messaging icons in the tool bar. Add-ins I have experienced this
with include PGP Free 5.5.3, Pocket 411, Word 97 SR-1, and Netmeeting
2.1. I have included a GIF of my tool bar setup dialog. Any insights and
resolutions for this problem are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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