Canning the Job

Canning the Job

Post by R. Jeff Smit » Fri, 25 Apr 1997 04:00:00

A question for all of you Outlook experts out there...

I will soon be leaving my job due to downsizing.  I've been dancing on the
table ever since the announcement, so save your condolences, thanks.

Anyway, I use the same ISP account for my mail at work as I do at home.
When I leave, I would like to take all of my:
        Email messages,
        Contacts and address,
        Address books, etc.,
        Newsgroup files (i.e. posted and saved)
with me when I go.

At work I'm using Windows 95, MSIE 3.01b 4.70.1215 with MS Internet Mail
and News 4.70.1155.  The Inbox on the desktop (MS Exchange) is version
4.04.1059, but I've never been able to get it to work right so I never
bother with it.

At home I use MS Office 97 with Outlook 97and MSIE 3.01b.

So here's the challenge:  how can I export everything listed above on the
work PC to the home PC?  I'd like to keep one address book and Outlook 97
for mail.  MSIE will do for the internet and news.

Thanks in advance!

R. Jeffrey Smith
Sarick Marketing
Stratford, Ontario

researching: McElhone, Smith, Maloney, Kritz, Nesterov, Halicki, Krasci