Exchange Event Service isn't firing a script

Exchange Event Service isn't firing a script

Post by Priscilla Davi » Wed, 16 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have installed a simple script on an Exchange inbox.    I have configured
this script to kick off on receipt of a email in a particular user's inbox.
The script simply kicks off a COM object and writes "Script started" to the
scripting log.

Today I had to rework the COM object, reinstall it and re-register it.  The
script never fired so I rebooted the Exchange Server.  The script still
didn't fire - however mail items were delivered successfully to the user's

When an email is sent to this inbox, I see the following series of events in
the NT Event Viewer:

    "Received Notification from store, flags=0, folders =1"   (Source:
MSExchangeES  Type:Information, Cat: Gen.)
    "Start processing folder "\Inbox" for new events (same source, type,
    "Start processing for agent "<agentname>" (same source, type, cat.)
    "An unexpected MAPI error occurred while processing binding "<agent
        Error returned was [0x800401f0]".  (Source:  MSExchangeES, Type:
Error, Cat:Gen.)
    "End processing for folder "\Inbox" (Source, Type, Cat same as previous)

I tried rebooting Exchange again and I still get the error.

On the server, we are running NT 4.0, SP4, Exchange 5.5, SP2, Outlook 98.
I am using CDO 1.21 for Windows NT,
version 5.5.2448.0.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Priscilla Davis


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okay consider the situation, I've got two Exchange 5.5 servers (no sp's). A
production and live environment. Both have the same services installed.

On my production server I can create PF's and create agents. Which run as
they should do. (I'm using the PFAlert script from CdoLive)

However, if I try the same thing on my live server, the event service
doesn't seem to fire the script.

On the live server, I've checked prms, and I have owner prms on the Event
Root_servername folder, and am a owner of the PF I'm trying to configure.
I've stopped and started the Event service, which in Event viewer gives a
message....."listening on PF dummyfolder". I've created the group that's
called in the script and can send mail to the group as expected.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the event service but still no joy.

Also, when I try checking the event services agent log I'm told no log
exixts, even though I've put copious amounts of debug statements.

Does anyone have any ideas why I might be getting this lack of



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