Cannot send mail to own domain

Cannot send mail to own domain

Post by John » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 16:26:02


We have just put Microsoft BackOffice Server on one of our
order to use the Exchange feature,the reason for this is
that we just
had a diginet line installed,and you can only send mail
using one
ip,so we have to use exchange to enable every to send
mail,the problem
is that we cannot send mail to anybody in the company(in
domain),we can send mail to any anyother email addresses
ours,there are no errors on Outlook,and the mail goes form
the outbox
to sent items,but no one recieves the mail
Is there some sort of setup that needs to be done in order
to send
mail in the same domain?

PS: we just use exchange to send mail,our mailboxes
resides with other
company,so we dont have an actual mail server as such

Please help
Be specific if can,first time usindg E2k,not very

Is there a wat to make the internal emails to go in the
mail box but to another host!!!


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we access our web server by a different name internally than those outside
the office (not sure, due to firewall? our admin is on vacation). Either

page on the webserver. It works fine for any other email domain. It also
works fine from email clients in the office. Any suggestions?

I have exchange 5.5 running, with the IMS service installed but disabled
(this is necessary for CDONTS to work apparently), on NT Server 4, IIS4,
ASP2. The exchange server is on the same box as IIS.

Is it necessary to actually 'send' the email, or can i just 'pass' it to
exchange as it is on the same box?

There is one other problem. I can't send emails (not from webserver, but

any ideas? thanks


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