RPC Service is Unavailable Error Message

RPC Service is Unavailable Error Message

Post by tdea » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00

on my ntsp3 server after logon processing I receive a dialog box with the
following error message:
System Error &Hxxxxxxxxx (-2xxxxxxxxxx)
On my nt wrkstation clients when the user tries to logon they then receive a
message stating that the Domain controller cannot be found and they are
being logged on with cached account information. These workstations are
using a logon script.
This error condition is sporadic: some workstations can log on, some
can't.Which workstations, change from system boot to system boot. I have
verified that each workstation is pointing to the correct domain, as there
is only a single domain server.
To try and isolate the problem, I started certain services manually, and
when the 5 Exchange server services are set to manual start, the error
message does not appear. So this leads me to believe that the problem may be
related to exchange server files or dll's being corrupted. I performed a
chkdsk and their was no disk problems.
There are 2 RPC services: Locator and Services..What exactly do these
services do and what are their relationship to logon scripts? How does RPC
relate to Exchange server? If anybody has seen this error condition I would
appreciate hearing from you for possible solutions. TIA


1. RPC Service is unavailable

    My Exchange Server 5.5 with Sp2 is running on my PDC conatins the
following problem:

    " RPC call to RPING's Server side app raised exception 0x6ba.  The
server is unavailable."

    The situation is when I use the utility call RPING to test RPC service
on my exchange server,
It appears the above problem.  I've checked RPC Locator and Service are
running normally.

    Does anyone have any idea what's happen and any solutions I can apply?

    Million thanks in advanced.

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