using a smarthost for external mail

using a smarthost for external mail

Post by Didi » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 02:02:38

I can't seem to send to certain mail domains, and I have
not been blacklisted for spamming.  I have the smtp server
ip of my isp in the forwarder option but am still having
problems. Could it be that my exchange regsitered domain, has a different namespace to the smtp server of
my isp, Please help. Thanks.

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Hi, would appreciate some help in the following matter.  I can't send
to certain domains (, etc).
I have an EX2K server, one NIC (217.x.x.x.)  I have been given 2 DNS
ips from btclick (217.x.x.x.).  I have also been given an SMTP ip of

Sending local mail is fine, and to various other external addresses. I
do not know how to implement the relaying/forwarding of mail.  I have
read various newsgroups and have tried using the SMPT connector
solution (this made all my external mail hang at the categorizer),
tried using the DNS ips within the exch management, but I still can't
send to these addresses.  I have a feeling that because my exchange
server is in its own registered domain,, and the smtp server
ip that was given to me reflects a namespace of, I can't
use their relay server. I don't want to use the btclick account that
was given to me cos this would effectively change all my users accts
to and not (??) How can I get this scenario to
work. Do I really need a connector or can this all be configured thru
the virtual server and policies tab? Please help, my boss is getting
Thanks in advance

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