Arial font problem in Office 2000

Arial font problem in Office 2000

Post by Merl » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 02:34:04

A year or so ago I upgraded to Office 2000 and the Arial
system font I was using suddenly changed (space got
inserted between the letters in some applications).  The
fix at that point was to delete the Arial system font and
download a specific Arial TrueType font from the Microsoft
site.  I have just had to reinstall Windows 98 and forgot
to backup that font.  Microsoft does not supply these
downloads any longer, and in order for me to find it
somewhere else I need to know what it is.  I have already
tried Arial Narrow (arialn.ttf) and that isn't it.  Does
anyone know what it is?  

It needs to be a font that's recognized in the font
hierarchy in the same place as Arial so that it's the one
that's used ahead of Arial italics.

Thanks so much!


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