file attachments missing

file attachments missing

Post by john » Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:33:50


I have Exchange and Proxy both on our NT 4.0 server. I use
an ISDN dial up adaptor card and RAS.

All appeared to be fine, we could send and receive emails
and browse the Internet. The odd thing is that sometimes
we can`t send or receive attachments.The email is
delivered and received but no attachment

It has taken me 5 attempts to send an Excel file which is
only 255kb in size.Nobody has any size restrictions as
there are only 5 workstations.

This applies to the local Network as well, we have MSP
client installed on the workstations.

I wonder, can proxy and exchange both use the line at the
same time. That is can you browse the net while exchange
is trying to send file attachments?

thanks in advance



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I have a problem sending attachment to POP3 clients.  Outlook 97/2000/2002
clients using POP3 have no problem to get our attchments as far as I know.
But when I send a file attachment to people that use POP3 clients such as
Eudora, Outlook Express and so on, they do not get the attachment.  They get
the email without the file att.

If I change my configuration in the IMC connector to use UUENCODE for
outbound attachment, those pop3 clients receive the attachment with a file
called winmail.dat

Our standard configuration:

Exchange 5.5 SP4
IMC is configured using MIME (plain text) for outbound attachment
The Character set is Western Europeen ISO-8859-1

What did I miss ?

Thanks in advance to all


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