calculating a power curve fit?

calculating a power curve fit?

Post by Zach » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 01:39:42

Does anyone know the underlying calculation behind an excel
curve fit for a power equation (y = ax^n)?  More
importantly, is Excel simply taking the log of both sides
of the equation and finding the linear regression?



1. exchange learning curve

this is a 2 part question.

i am the working for a client who wants to employ exchange to synchronize
outlook for a few members of the org. they have a win 2k adv dedicated
server where they host their site as well as sql 2000. They'd like to sync
and capture data from outlook in sql.

I come from the web dev side - I am very familiar with asp, SQL, javascript
(etc) and sql server.

How easy is it to setup exchange for mail handling + sync of outlook and
capturing of data into sql 2000. I am trying to decide whether to go at this
myself or bring in someone for the task?

In deploying Exchange on the machine their site is currently on - (don't
have access to a sep sev mahcine) - are there any major risk of messing up
the web services that are happening -- I am particluarly thinking about DNS
problems? Is it easy to make mistakes in the learning curve that might
compromise web service on the same box?

Much thanks for any help.

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