Exchanged has died on me!

Exchanged has died on me!

Post by JP » Fri, 13 Dec 1996 04:00:00

> While trying to send mail that I composed on-line Exchange died on me and
> now I can't seem to revive it.  When I go the menu it won't let me see my
> sub-folders under personal folders.  This is where I normally see Inbox,
> Outbox, Deleted Items, etc.

> The error message "The command you specified could not be carried out.
> Personal Folders - 8057 65377-[8004010A]".  The other error message I get
> is "This item could not be sent.  Personal Folder - 269025537-[80004005]".
> One last thing, apparently the mail that I composed is still there
> somewhere. Everytime I close Exchange it gives me the "there is still mail
> in your outbox, do you want to exit" message.  But as best as I can tell I
> can't get to the mail to cancel it.  When it tries to dial up my ISP it
> comes back with "cannot access port, port already in use"  even though it
> is not.

> Any help will be deeply appreciated!

> Thanks,
> Chuck

don't hold me to this but I think if you run a program called
MLset32.exe in your Program Files/Exchange Directory, this kind of
'cleans up' and you should be back to normal.

Mail me when you've tried it



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First of all, why does Exchange die when it cant find an external mail
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