Exchange 5.5 and Nt 40 sp6 error

Exchange 5.5 and Nt 40 sp6 error

Post by mart » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 18:04:45

Our Exchange 5.5 server with sp4 with NT 4.0 sp6 generates
the following Dr Watson error : Replication error has
occurred and an application error log is being generted.
SPSGSCS.exe exception : Acces violation (0xc0000005)
Address 0x00405ed2.

Does anyone know what the problem is ?


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Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone has ever run into the following issue:

1.  According to Exchange Admin user has 289 megs and 89,190 items.
2.  Exported each item seperately (inbox,drafts,etc..) until the culprit
item was found.
3.  Sent items was previously cleared of everything up to May of this
year.  Only items were May 02 up to present.
4.  An advanced search looking for items over 1024 k was done.  10 items
were found.
5.  An advanced search looking for items over 11024 k was done, no items
were found.
6.  Used exmerge to merge out any data earlier then June of this year into
a file.  That file turned out to be 117 megs.  Yet nothing showed up in
the client app of even being there.
7.  After all is said and done, Exchange admin new reads user has 98 megs
in account, however STILL reads 89,190 items.  
8.  Online defrag in the event log shows no errors and gives a successful
9.  Deleted items retention is off.

Any clue as to what I can do about this?  It's the second time I seem to
have "stuck" information that can't be seen, deleted, or accessed from the
client.  Thanks people!


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