Outlook 2002 Quick Find Feature Problem

Outlook 2002 Quick Find Feature Problem

Post by Brian Enso » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 23:38:46

When using Outlook 2002's quick find feature in my
contacts folder (120 contacts) the search continues
infinitely.  The results are not displayed until I press
the stop button, with no assurance the I have actually
found everything.  I have reapplied Office XP SP2, but
still have the same problem.  Any ideas?

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Today I've tried to configure the security settings of Outlook 2002
though the "Outlook security settings"-public folder and the
corresponding template.
Everything works fine, despite of the fact, that i am unable to add a
Distribution List to the "Members"-item. I've tried every possible type
of distribution list (e-mail enabled global/local/universal
distribution-list), but the settings only take effect when i enter a
user (except the default setting for all users, which works fine).
What i want to realise is a default "secure" policy for all users,
except for admins (which i want to manage over a distribution-list
instead of adding/removing them directly to/from the members-field).
Nearly forgot: I've got exch2k SP2 running on Win2k Server SP2 (german
versions), client is Win2k SP2 with Outlook 2002
Thanks for your help in advance.


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