SMTP problem

SMTP problem

Post by Hamid Reza Bahado » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I am a very young beginner for Exchnage 5.5.
Can you please help me with some questions.

Here is the my configuration.
I have used sendmail in a Linux server called PAT for emplyees(employee user
have a account her). I have DNS in the PAT too.
My students have anouther Linux server called MISSY with sendmail.
All incoming mail comes to PAT and I have a file called XALIASES that routs
all student mail to MISSY.
A typical line looks like this:
ola.nordmann:    <>    olan                (employee)

My domain name is called with 2 segments.
I have the flowing format in my DNS:

; 140 segment
missy    A
                MX    5
server1    A
                MX    5
; 243 segment
pat        A

I want to use NT for the student with Exhcnage 5.5 instead for Linux. But
Linux sever (PAT) for employees will be there temporary.
I have configured Exchange 5.5 as the flowing:
Orgname:    HiG
Sitename:    Student
Servername:    Server1
Domain name:    Testdomene

And I have configured IMC as the flowing:
\HiG\Student\Configuration\Connections\Internet Mail Service\Properties:
Internet Mail pagetab: Specify by E-mail Domain= nothing
Connections pagetab: Transfer Mode=Inbound & Outbound
Connections pagetab: Message Delivery=Use DNS
Connections pagetab: Specify by E-mail Domain= nothing
Routing pagetab: Reroute incoming SMTP mail=Sendto:, Route to:
Connected Sites pagetab: nothing
Address Space pagetab: Type=SMTP,, Cost=1, Scope=Organization

And Site Addressing as the flowing:
\HiG\Student\Configuration\Connections\Site Addressing\Properties:
General pagetab: Routing calculation server=SERVER1

Site Addressing pagetab: X400=  c=NO;a= ;p=HiG;o=Student;
Routing pagetab: Type=SMTP, Value=HIG.NO;, Cost=1 Connector=Internet Mail

One of the mailbox looks like this:
General pagetab: Alias= hamidex (NT User)

E-mail Addresses pagetab: X400= c=NO;a= ;p=HiG;o=Student;s=hamidex;
Protocol pagetab: HTTP,IMAP4,LDAP,NNTP,POP3

I use NT 4.0 Workstation for my client with Outlook Express.
I was successfull to get a message but I cannot send the message. I get not
any error either.

1. Whats wrong?
2. What means inbound and outbound? (I sayed I am a beginner)
3. Is the any problem with my configuration on DNS or Exchange?

Very Very Thanks to all that read this long letter.



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