Exchange 2K IM in Windows 2K

Exchange 2K IM in Windows 2K

Post by Case » Sun, 09 Mar 2003 03:31:52

I am experiencing a problem with Ex2K Im 4.6 and Windows
2K in a domain network invironment. When logged in as the
Administrator, I can load IM and configure it just fine.
It will connect to the Exchange server and I can chat no

But! When I log in to the same computer as another user
with adminstrator or power user or user rights, I can
configure IM but it will not connect to the Exchange 2K
server with the exact same settings that worked while I
was logged in as the Administrator. I receive the error "
Exchange Instant Messaging Sign-in Failure. The person
logged onto this computer does not have the permission to
use the specified e-mail address. Please type your e-mail
address and password".

The e-mail address and password are correct. It was
copied verbatim from the address and password used when I
logged in as the Administrator.

Is MSN IM 4.6 incompatible with Windows 2K in a domain


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It's my understanding that the OWA is installed by
default when you install exchange 2k on a win2k server.  
When I go to what should be the web site for owa I get
the page under construction error.  I haven't been able
to find a lot of information on this so if anyone can
point me in the right direction I would greatly
appreciate it.


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