Multiple exchange sites / Lotus notes connector

Multiple exchange sites / Lotus notes connector

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We have set up a test environment that simulates the production exchange 5.5
environment.   This consists of three separate exchange sites (London,
Madrid and Paris) in the same organisation.  These sites are connected using
MS site connectors. Mail traffic and directory synchronisation is working ok
between all of these sites.  We then added a connector between a lotus notes
server and one of the servers in a London site.   This seems to work OK and
we can synchronise directories and send mail between the London Site and the
Lotus notes server.  When mail is sent from a server outside the London site
e.g. within the Madrid site,  the lotus note clients receive the message OK
but the senders name within the Lotus client appears as an X400 address.
This does not happen when sending from the London site.

Any ideas?



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I have installed the Connector for Lotus Notes with
the use of Lotus Notes Version 4.61 (nnotes.dll).

When starting The Connector for Lotus Notes, LSMEXNTS.EXE
takes all cpu time.
I've followed the installation from the Documentation on the Exchange 5.5

Does anyone have a tip?


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