Emailing Excel 4 (Mac) files to Excel 97 (PC)

Emailing Excel 4 (Mac) files to Excel 97 (PC)

Post by Robert Abrah » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hopefully someone will be able to help.

I'm using Win95

This is how it used to work.

I recieved MS Mails from people on Mac's with Excel 4 attachments, I
was using a PC with Exchange & I did have Office 95. I clicked on the
attachment and it would open, with no problems in Excel 95.

Situation Now

I was upgraded to Office 97 and now the attachements will not
auotmatically open in Excel 97, this happens in Outlook & Exchange.
I'm prompted to save it, but they still will not open in Excel 97,
when it tries to open it using the wizard it just comes up with

Excel 97 will open the file if it is transfer from a Mac (Excel 4) to
the PC on a floppy disk.

I have looked at the Microsoft support pages but cannot find anything
to help.




1. Macro errors importing Excel 97 into Excel 2002

I have a file created in Excel 97 on a WinNT 4 machine,
with macros invoked by buttons.  I want to take it home to
work on, but my home machine is XP with Excel 2002.

First, two buttons appear normally, but one is inverted as
if it was being viewed from the back of the monitor.

Second, the References menu says I'm missing a Common
Dialog (SP3) that could be found in a WINNT directory
which doesn't exist on the home machine.  I found the file
it wants, copied it into what appears to be the correct
directory at home, and opened the file.  But if I close it
and later reopen it, I have to reinstall the Common Dialog
file (MSComDlg.TWD).

Does anybody know how to correct the first problem and fix
the system so I don't have to reinstall the TWD file each
time I open the xls file?

Would Appreciate any help.


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