SMTP Service Error - Service could not bind to instance 1 - Event ID 115

SMTP Service Error - Service could not bind to instance 1 - Event ID 115

Post by trevo » Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:21:21

I have a client who has installed McAfee's Webshield to scan inbound and
outbound internet messages. He has configured Webshield to use SMTP port 25
and re-assigned SMTP in the Services file to 1025. The result after
rebooting the Exchange 2000 server is that the SMTP service no longer starts
and reports the following error ion the event log. Consequently, messages
remain queued and are eventually discarded.

The service could not bind instance 1. The data is the error code.

Is there another area, eg, in the registry, that needs to have the default
SMTP port 25 re-assigned to 1025?

The aim was to have all inbound/outbound sent to port 25, which will be
directed to the Webshield service, the messages will be scanned and then
either sent outbound or relayed internally to the Exchange Server. Both the
Webshield and the SMTP service are contained in the same Exchange server.



1. smtpsvc 115 The server could not bind instance 1

I have configured my exchange 2000 server behind a proxy
server. I followed the instructions from the article

My exchange server is the virtual SMTP server. I created
the file wspcfg.ini and have set the bindtcpport=25, but
after restarting IISAdmin, I get EventID=115. I tried
netstat -an to find out how is using the port 25 but I
can't find anything (maybe I don't know what to check).
PLEASE HELP cause this appears to be a common problem, but
I still can't find the solution.

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