Rendering Subsystem

Rendering Subsystem

Post by CA4 ClassRe » Thu, 12 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone explain to me why when I click SEND/FINISH on a client
machine on an Exchange FAX network, the rendering subsystem refuses to
start up and so my FAX never goes.  It works fine on the machine with
the MODEM (ie the FAX server).  It's a small peer-to-peer network, and
this problem is slowing our business down badly.

When I send a FAX, like I said the Rendering subsystem never starts but
the FAX always stays in the OUTBOX italicized, and goes to SENT ITEMS as

I've already tried new profiles and re-installing Exchange on ALL the


John :(


1. Render subsystem


Can anyone can help me with this problem?  I have tried everything I can
think of.

I am trying to fax an excel document as I have done many times before.
The fax system started the excel program and tried to print the excel
document so it could be faxed.  Up to this point, everything is
operating normally.  Then, the printer dialog box shows up with the
printer default as "rendering subsystem."  I tried to change the printer
default to MS Fax and the system froze.  I closed the fax and opened
excel and just tried to print the document.  Same thing--"Rendering
Subsystem."  Same with Word too.  I have reinstalled win95 and must
contunually reset my printer default to my HP laser 5L.

Does anyone know of this error. How can I fix it...?


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