Public Contacts Folder Views Acting STRANGELY!

Public Contacts Folder Views Acting STRANGELY!

Post by Mike Bierc » Sat, 19 Dec 1998 04:00:00

All of a sudden,  various Outlook 98 users have experienced strange screen
behavior on a Contacts folder in the Public Folders area.

The symptoms are screens apparently not refreshing properly, the "Find"
feature seemingly vanishing when activated with occasional buttons and
fields appearing from its interface.

Is it possible that some of the views have been corrupted? Anyway of
salvaging such a thing.

The clients are running on different types of machines, GW2K and HP Vectras.
And a couple of custom defined views were added to provide filtered access.

Thanks in advance.


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For example, I would like to view other users' "Sent Items" folders
from the activities view of a public contact.  I have successfully
added my own Mailbox folders and other public folders to my activities

Thanks for any advice or solutions you may have.


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