CDO Question

CDO Question

Post by RussMustPutupaFusGus » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:43:52

When I set up my WebPages to use cdo i send the e-mail and I get the e-mail
but I also receive three pieces of badmail in the dir what is this?

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I'm sure this is really simple but I can't see it.

Having got the owner of a Distribution List in the
form of a DN using the PR_EMS_AB_OWNER field, I
want to look this up in the GAL and retrieve the
Display Name.

However an AddressEntry can only be searched using
its current sort order, which defaults to the
Display Name. If I try to call the Sort method with
a CdoE_TOO_COMPLEX error.

It's got to be simple...
Jim Hatfield

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