Size of mail incorrectly displayed in MS-Exchange

Size of mail incorrectly displayed in MS-Exchange

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The server compresses the messages. So can the client, optionally. Also,
there are some differences in how the headers are stored in server vs.
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Quote:> This is a minor nit but sometimes the size of a mail message - as seen
> in my MS-Exchange client - doesn't tally when the mail is extracted to
> a text file.  An extreme example would be a mail seen in Exchange
> recently as being 2.9 Mb in size but when extracted to a text file, it is
> Mb.  Is there any good reason for this?

> James.


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For inbound message from Internet, Japanese message is
displayed incorrectly (as if the message is encoded US
ASCII) when the character set is not defined in its
Default in Internet Message Format under Global Settings
is MIME:Western European and Non-MIME:US ASCII.
After Internet Message Format is configured to use JIS
for the domain, the message is received just fine.  In
fact, the message displayed incorrectly can be viewed
correctly when accessed via IMAP4 (Outlook Express
This workaround does not save eveyone because when we set
JIS, then messages written in other language are not
viewed correctly.
Does anyone have suggestion?

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