unable to access my inbox through OWA using IE 6.0

unable to access my inbox through OWA using IE 6.0

Post by Sam » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 00:13:38

Can access my exchange server 2000 inbox using Netscape,
but when using IE 6.0, I get all the buttons, but the
right window pane is blank with "loading" displayed.

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Hi All,

We are having problem accessing OWA using IE 5.5 and IE
6.0. People are using IE 5 and any versions of netscape
are okay. Appreciate if anyone could help me this problem.
Following is the scenario.

We just installed a new E2K server (which is behind
Vilociraptor firewall) I have created two protocol's, 1
for TCP 1044 and the second one for TCP 1055 and set a
rule to allow in coming traffic to E2K server for those 2
protocol's and http. When anyone try to access using IE
5.5 and IE 6.0, the get a message "page cannot be

Could anyone please tell what I am doing wrong? Or what to
do to fix this problem? Or is there a patch for IE?

Appreciate your help



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