Need Mailbox Migration Tool from ResKit (Backoffice)

Need Mailbox Migration Tool from ResKit (Backoffice)

Post by Dave » Thu, 17 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Does anyone have the Mailbox Migration Tool for Exchange from the Backoffice
resource kit Part 2 that they could send me? (Think it's Migrate.exe)

I'm in kind of a fix and need to migrate our mailboxes to another site (not
in the exchange organisation) quickly.....  If so could you send it to



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Has anyone been able to get the program migrate.exe in the
Exchange 5.0 ResKit to work?  All the documentation I've found
doesn't match the program that comes with the Reskit.  I'm
trying to migrate users from Exchange 4.0 in one site in one
domain to Exchange 5.0 in another site in another domain.

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