KMS Trouble?

KMS Trouble?

Post by Smoi » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 18:45:27

hello again.. i would like to know if anyone wants to give me a hand with
this problem..

i'm having trouble enabling advaced secuirty to users..

my setup is.. the KMS server is located in one domain and the CA is
another.. the users are located in the CA domain and they have been

just for testing purposes, i would like to use my outlook in the KMS
server.. i went to tools -> options -> security and i set up advanced
security and i entered the security key and i got a reply back from the
Secuirt Authority

when i tried to open the mail from the security authority..

it gave me this error..

Unable to create a Security Setting.  Please request a new Security Token
and try again.

i checked the event viewer.. no clue there either.

i even tried recovering the user's security key and did the whole thing
again with the new key.. no luck!

any clues?

thanks in advance for any input.