produkt id

produkt id

Post by peter marzi » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:25:30

wie finde ich meine produkt id fr works suite 2002

1. Microsoft Exchange Event ID:64 Event ID 1025 Event ID 1107

I am getting errors piling up in my event logs faster than I can find
a fix.
The errors are as follows.
I am getting three errors piling up in my logs.

Event ID:  1107
Source:    MSExchangeIS Private
Type:       Error
Category:  Background Cleanup
Error 1018 occurred during folder background cleanup.

Event ID: 24
Source:   EDB
Type:      Error
Category: Database Page Cache
MSExchangeIS ((595) ) Asynchronous read page time error
1018..Please restore the databases from a previous backup.

Event ID:    1025
Source MSExchangeIS Private
Type: Warning
Category: None
An error occurred
Function name or description of problem: EcGetRestriction
Error: 1402

I have already tried the edbutil /d /r /ds from Q168357, along with
restoring the dir.edb by first assuring that the Exchange System
Attendant was running, all other Exchange services were off, renamed
the dsadata folder to old, created empty dsadata folder and restored
from backup exec successfully.  I am still getting the errors piling
up and am not sure where to turn.  I assume that my Information Store
is hosed.  I looked up the EcGetRestriction error and looked up
Q175597 stating to use the isinteg -pri -test searchq -fix utility,
but I am not sure if this will work, or what steps I need to
accomplish this.  If I could get any help, it would be much


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